Which of the following is the correct graph of the compound inequality 4p + 1 > βˆ’11 or 6p + 3 < 39?A. a number line with closed circles at negative 3 and 6 and shading in between.B. number line with open dot at negative 3 with shading to the left and an open dot at 6 with shading to the right. C. number line with open dots at negative 2 and 5 with shading in between. D. number line with shading everywhere.

Accepted Solution

Answer:D. Number line with shading everywhere1. p>-32. p<6Step-by-step explanation:1. 4p+1>-11Subtract by 1 both sides of equation.4p+1-1>-11+1Simplify.4p>-12Divide by 4 from both sides of equation.4p/4>-12/4Simplify, to find the answer.-12/4=-3p>-3 is the correct answer.____________________________2. 6p+3<39Subtract by 3 from both sides of equatoin.6p+3-3<39-3Simplify.39-3=366p<36Divide by 6 from both sides of equation.6p/6<36/6Simplify, to find the answer.36/6=6p<6 is the correct answer.D is the correct answer.