Which of the following is a difference between a mean and a median? Group of answer choices A median is not meaningful for ratio data; a mean is meaningful to ratio data. A mean is an observation that occurs most frequently; a median is the average of all observations. A median is not affected by outliers; a mean is affected by outliers. A mean divides the data half above it and half below it; a median does not.

Accepted Solution

Answer:Mean is the average and median divides data into two equal parts. Step-by-step explanation:We have to state the difference between mean and median.Formula:Mean [tex]= \displaystyle\frac{\text{Sum of all observations}}{\text{Total number of observations}}[/tex]Median = The value that divides data into two equal parts.If there are n number of observations and the data is arranged in ascending or descendin order, then,Median = [tex]= \frac{n}{2}^{th} term, \text{ if n is even} \\=\displaystyle\frac{\frac{n}{2}+(\frac{n}{2}+1)}{2}\text{ th term, if n is odd}[/tex] Basically, mean is the average of the data and median is the value that divides the data into two equal parts. Mean does not divide the data into two halves like the median.A mean is affected by the outliers where as median being a position based description is not affected by the outlier.