Problems continue to arise in Kitty Nation but Hello Kitty has regained control of the country. She comes to see that popular dislike for the own measurement standard led to the revolt. She decides to change the standard so that such a terrible catastrophe never befalls Kitty Nation ever again. The standard for measurement of length in Kitty Nation is now 7 lenthii = 38 inches and 10 gianthii = 410.0 lenthii. If a design to be sent to Kitty Nation is 225.3 feet long, how many centigianthii long will it be? (Note: centi is an SI prefix, include units)

Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation:7 lenthii=38 inches, 10 lenthii=410410-225.3=184.7184.7+38=222.7         222.7+38=260.7         260.7- 4 lenthii=225.3