In ​ Quadrilateral ABCD ​ , AB¯¯¯¯¯∥CD¯¯¯¯¯ and m∠2=31°.What is m∠5?Enter your answer in the box.

Accepted Solution

[tex]\text{Answer: }\angle 5=31\textdegree[/tex]Explanation:Since we have given thatAB║CDand [tex]m\angle 2=31\textdegree[/tex]Since we know that AB║CD So, Alternate angles will be equal to each other and [tex]\angle2=\angle 5\\\angle 1=\angle 6[/tex]So, value of angle 2 is equal to value of angle 5 i.e.[tex]\angle5=\angle 2=31\textdegree[/tex]Hence , [tex]\angle 5=31\textdegree[/tex]