20points!kyndal wants to buy a lamp that originally cost $82, but the lamp when on sale for 20% off. the store is having an additional sale that is 40% off the sale price. what is the price of the lamp!?

Accepted Solution

Answer:$39.36Step-by-step explanation:The first sale we saw, which was 20% off, needs to be applied first as the second discount is additional. With that being said, we need to multiply 82 times 80%. This is because we removed 20% of the standard 100% amount and we are left with 80%. To convert this, keep in mind 100% is equal to 1. So 80% is equal to .80 with this logic. So 82x0.8=65.6. Now we need to take 40% off of the modified price 65.6. By converting 40% off is equal to 0.60(keyword off). Now 65.6x0.60=39.36. The final price is 39.36Plz mark me brainliest cuz then I'll answer evertything